Egyptian designer Mayada Katamish prepared by  2011 – 2012 Fashion Collection attracts large. In general, where a daily collection of casual wear designed for special occasions contains extremely elegant evening clothes. Evaluate and shopping options page can be found here Mayada Katamish.


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3 Responses to Mayada Katamish 2011 – 2012 Fashion Collection

  • Alisha Meer says:

    hay i like all these hijab pictures of your models and i want publish them in my magazine so will you please kindly send me other pictures of these models and their names respectively ..
    so i can publish them.’
    and also we can order these cloths ( so please provide us all the details how we can order them”}..”
    thank you ”
    will be waiting..’

  • feno says:

    absolutely love those designs but dont know where to get them

  • islam says:

    i live in canada and i want buy these clothes how can order like these
    help me

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