Eid Dress

You’re halfway through the month of Ramadan Mubarak came to saying comes from. Had very little time on eid days. What should we wear the bustle of the holiday and is usually left to the… Continue reading

Burning with longing hearts of all Muslims in the holy places is a pretty frantic preparation process will somehow destined to go. Just as we are preparing for residency while dressed carefully, Allah (swt) when… Continue reading

This stunning dress thin, lightweight fabric and detailed style is admirable. The red-patterned dress in a charcoal-colored shoulder this long of a Palestinian at the beautiful hand embroidered panel is completed. Very high quality fabric,… Continue reading

This wonderful dress, designed by the design award-winning Madina. Comfortable, long, elegant and trends of recent years in accordance with the lace dress, lace details and highlights the beauty. Layer under the layer’s lace… Continue reading

Cascades along the neckline and waist this dress covered with jeweled embroidery, and this connection is designed using a straight man’s dazzling chiffon. Collected as a softly glowing jewels and pleated skirt is a view… Continue reading