NEVA STYLE is a globally recognized hijab company offering a broad range of shawls and scarfs. Our collections cater for every occasion, appeal to the most varied target groups and satisfy the most exacting demands.… Continue reading

The famous costume designer, “Canan Goknil” and serving in the field of museum stores “BKG” firm, will come together for you. At first, “Conquest 1453″ costume designer on film productions, including a very special undertaking… Continue reading

How about what’s most important to give a precious gift? To be a bridge between twohearts, love hearts ties established between the principle of… Continue reading

Dian Pelangi is a talented young designer living in Egypt … She loves to use the inside of the warm colors of human. … Continue reading

Hello to all of you …

First of all, I should mention that this site was born out of a need. The common problem of all the ladies wear the hijab around me, especially my… Continue reading