A short time, winning the admiration of the masses in the sector, which has become a prominent brand scarf Armine adventure begins production in 2006, has expanded its product range began to produce women’s clothing from top to bottom. Interpret the trend,according to traditional values​​, using the most modern technology, high-quality movingcompany with the mission to produce silk scarves and women’s clothing in 2012 Spring – Summer edition is dazzling. Online Store located in the brand, we share with you the second part of the collection chosen.


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7 Responses to Armine 2012 Spring Summer Hijab Collection – Part 2

  • Shahidah Abdul Malik says:

    How do I purchase?

  • sahar says:

    best dresses

  • sahar says:

    hello.may name is sahar .I love you

  • lamyae soughi says:

    salam i live in canada i want to purchase some of your items i love them too mush but i dont know how please can you explain to me ?

    • admin says:


      Armine is a company based in Turkey. The company has a website “www.armine.com” as a member you can shop online. Overseas orders shipping costs, order confirmation screen is calculated by the system and you can see the shipping fee the amount attached to the bottom of the order of the list. Overseas shipments are working with the “FedEx” company. Your order is sent to cargo screen tracking already has an e-mail address posted on the system.

    • maysoon mohammad says:

      i like those jilbab and i want to buy but i cannot my email is not working
      maysoon mohammad

  • mme bouchra says:

    slt c’est trés joli je suis au maroc et je veux vraiment des vetements hijab turque comment faire pour avoir une cmmande

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