NEVA STYLE is a globally recognized hijab company offering a broad range of shawls and scarfs. Our collections cater for every occasion, appeal to the most varied target groups and satisfy the most exacting demands.

We are market leader in the laced shawl segment in Turkey and we operate in 20 countries around the world. We will further build upon our present success and position ourselves for growth. We intend to strengthen our presence in existing markets as well as to seize new opportunities and expand our operation worldwide.

In order to promote our brands, we make use of a broad range of communication and marketing tools. Advertising campaigns in news and trade magazines worldwide and extensive POS marketing, social media are as much part of our strategy as are sponsorship deals, fashion shows and trade fairs such as ISTANBUL 4. ISLAMIC FAHION FAIR, Belgium Fashion fair, Netherland Multifestijn.

Neva Style scarves web site can be found here.

The brand’s 2012 – 2013 collection offer some to your liking.


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