A short time, winning the admiration of the masses in the sector, which has become a prominent brand scarf Armine adventure begins production in 2006, has expanded its product range began to produce women’s clothing from top to bottom. Interpret the trend,according to traditional values​​, using the most modern technology, high-quality movingcompany with the mission to produce silk scarves and women’s clothing in 2012 Spring – Summer edition is dazzling. Online Store located in the brand, we share with you the third part of the collection chosen.


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6 Responses to Armine 2012 Spring Summer Hijab Collection – Part 3

  • Md.Masud Parvaj says:

    Nice collection. I want to buy. what’s the way?

  • Nihal darwish says:

    I want to know where r ur shop? Do u have one in Germany?

    • admin says:

      Mrs. Nihal;

      You can order online brand products over the Internet. Site address is http://www.armine.com

      Description of the company’s overseas exchanges are as follows:
      Orders are sent to you via FedEx. Delivered to ship your package you can track your cargo stored in the system information is sent to the e-mail address. All the problems and costs that may arise during customs inspections of your home country belongs to the order. Although the laws of the Republic of Turkey, the country where the content of applications, contrary to orders, our company is not liable for issues that arise from the products.

  • Fatimah says:

    is there English version of your site, cause I do not understand the language there and how to order.

  • Desi Meilani says:

    I would like to order the hijab from Turki, would you tell me how to make some order?
    Thank you verymuch.

  • Ayesha Siddiqa says:

    :good effort.

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