scarf patterns

I liked you so much for today, and personally I try very simple, fast but so much wanted to offer a modern and stylish, the technique of binding a shawl. Those who need a shawl… Continue reading

You’re halfway through the month of Ramadan Mubarak came to saying comes from. Had very little time on eid days. What should we wear the bustle of the holiday and is usually left to the… Continue reading

Burberry 2011 – 2012 collection of scarves square scarves and shawls in the traditional line of rectangular modern colors revealed by combining a series of highly acclaimed. Soft colors, modern designs that integrate the collection… Continue reading

For you in a modern, beautiful and unique design of a headscarf … This style makes a difference because it uses outside of the central peak on the forehead. Layers elegant and feminine. Also standing… Continue reading